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What is VoiceDub?

Make AI Voice Covers

How to use VoiceDub?

Replace your vocals with AI. Use the VoiceDub app to quickly and easily create AI voice covers for your favorite songs.

How long after purchase does it take to get the credits and new features?

The credits and new features are available immediately after purchase.

Help! It's taking a bit of time to generate 🙁

The generation process may take longer for complex compositions. Please be patient and contact our support team if you encounter any issues.

I don't see the AI voice I'm looking for

We are continuously adding new AI voices to our platform. If you don't see the voice you want, please reach out to our support team and let us know your preference.

Can I get paid for promoting VoiceDub?

VoiceDub is actively seeking partnerships with producers and artists. If you're interested in promoting VoiceDub, please contact us to discuss potential collaborations.

VoiceDub's Core Features

  • Voice cloning
  • Text → speech
  • Brand new UI
  • Loads of AI voices
  • Text → speech conversion
  • Voice cloning with personal vocals
  • Royalty-free voices
  • Lightning-fast processing
  • Daily updates

    VoiceDub's Use Cases

  • Create AI voice covers for songs
  • Train your voice to make epic covers
  • Convert text into studio-quality vocals

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