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What is VoiceRec?

VoiceRec is a powerful and versatile vocal recorder powered by AI that lets you capture, transcribe, and share voice and audio recordings like never before.

How to use VoiceRec?

VoiceRec makes recording and transcribing voice and audio recordings easy and efficient. Simply open the app, start recording, and let the AI technology do the rest.

What is VoiceRec?

VoiceRec is a vocal recorder powered by AI that allows you to record, transcribe, and share voice and audio recordings easily and accurately.

How accurate is the transcription?

The AI technology used in VoiceRec ensures highly accurate transcriptions of your voice recordings.

Can I search for specific words in the transcribed text?

Yes, VoiceRec allows you to search for words in the transcribed text, making it easy to find the passages you need.

Is my data secure and private?

Yes, VoiceRec ensures the privacy and security of your audio recordings with Face ID/Touch ID protection.

Can I sync my recordings across multiple devices?

Yes, you can easily sync your recordings across your iOS and iPadOS devices for seamless accessibility.

VoiceRec's Core Features

  • Capture and transcribe voice recordings
  • Background recording capabilities
  • Accurate AI-powered transcription
  • Search functionality in transcribed text
  • Instant sharing of recordings and transcripts
  • Privacy protection with Face ID/Touch ID
  • Sync across multiple iOS and iPadOS devices
  • Organize recordings with personalized tags

    VoiceRec's Use Cases

  • Record meetings and lectures
  • Rehearse presentations
  • Share audio recordings with friends and colleagues
  • Copy transcribed text for use in other applications and documents

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