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WhatLetter Q&A

What is WhatLetter?

Your documents explained in your language

How to use WhatLetter?

Snap, translate and discuss documents in any language.

What does WhatLetter do?

WhatLetter is an AI document assistant that translates any text and helps you have natural conversations in your language.

How does WhatLetter work?

With AI-powered technology, WhatLetter allows you to snap a photo of a document, translate it, and engage in discussions, all in your language.

Can I use WhatLetter for translating menus?

Absolutely! WhatLetter is perfect for translating menus, letters, and other types of documents into your language.

Is WhatLetter only for immigrants?

No, WhatLetter is for anyone who wants to break language barriers and have a better understanding of documents in their own language.

Does WhatLetter offer pricing plans?

Please visit our website to learn more about our pricing plans.

Is WhatLetter a translation service or something more?

WhatLetter is not just a translation service. It goes beyond translation and focuses on understanding, empowering you with confidence and independence.

WhatLetter's Core Features

  • Translate any text, break language barriers, ask questions & converse in your language.

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