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What is Wing AI?

Boost your Tinder, Hinge, Bumble chats with WingAI. Our AI crafts personalized, witty responses, doubling your reply rate.

How to use Wing AI?

When you match with someone on any dating app, capture a screenshot of their bio, open WingAI, upload the screenshot, and let our AI work its charm!

How does WingAI work?

WingAI carefully checks out all the text in the app and even recognizes what's in the photo, then uses it to craft fun, engaging responses that amp up your chats.

What kind of results can I expect with WingAI?

We've done tests that compared generic lines with the opening messages that WingAI generated. The messages from WingAI got 2x more responses than the average message.

Can I use WingAI for any dating app or platform?

Absolutely, WingAI's flexibility is a huge plus! WingAI uses screenshots from a bio or profile, so it works with any dating or chat platform that uses text or pictures. No matter where you chat, WingAI's got your back to make your conversations even better.

Is my data safe?

We don't sell or share your data, period. We only use it to make the app better and fix any issues. Your trust and safety are our top priority.

Does it work on text or images?

Wing AI works with both text and images. WingAI can read text and recognize what's in the photo to make fun and engaging messages. For best results try to include some text from her bio to focus on.

Will the recipient find out I'm using AI?

WingAI uses the latest AI tech to create incredibly natural-sounding messages. We've seen great results with the messages generated by the app, but you can always also use the suggestions as inspiration for your own personal messages.

Wing AI's Core Features

  • AI-crafted personalized responses
  • Double your reply rate
  • Upload match's profile or chat screenshot

    Wing AI's Use Cases

  • Finding clever icebreakers for dating apps
  • Improving conversation starters on dating apps

    Wing AI Traffic

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    New Zealand: 10.03%
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