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What is Winston AI?

An AI content detector and plagiarism checker

How to use Winston AI?

1. Create your account for free to begin checking for AI content. 2. Enter the text you want to check for AI. 3. Get your results in seconds.

What is an AI content detector?

An AI content detector is a software built to provide clarity on the originality of a text, and determine whether a given text was written by an AI text generation tool such as ChatGPT or if it was written by a human.

How do AI detectors work?

AI content detection utilizes natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning to analyze text and determine whether it was written by a human or an AI.

What's the difference between Plagiarism Detection and AI detection?

Plagiarism detection refers to the process of identifying instances of plagiarism, while AI detection refers to the use of artificial intelligence tools to generate copy.

Can teachers detect if you used an AI assistant like ChatGPT for schoolwork?

Teachers have ways to detect AI involvement in student assignments and may rely on AI detection software.

Are AI detection tools accurate?

AI detectors have been developed to determine if online content is human or machine-generated, and their effectiveness varies.

Does Google detect AI content?

Search engines like Google are improving algorithms to detect AI-generated content and maintain the quality of search results.

What does Winston do exactly?

Winston is an AI-generated text detection tool with a 99.6% accuracy rate, including content generated by ChatGPT. It also includes a best-in-class plagiarism detection tool.

Which languages does Winston AI work with?

Winston AI currently supports AI detection for English and French content, with detection for more languages coming soon.

Winston AI's Core Features

  • AI content detection
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Labeling feature
  • OCR technology

    Winston AI's Use Cases

  • For writers
  • For education
  • For web publishers

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