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What is Zefort?

Zefort is a powerful contract management software that allows users to sign, store, share, and easily manage contracts with their team. It offers AI-powered features for efficient contract management.

How to use Zefort?

To use Zefort, simply sign up for an account and log in. You can then start uploading your contracts to the platform by emailing them or using the web dashboard. Zefort automatically extracts contract metadata and creates a full-text index for easy search. You can sign contracts using Zefort Sign, which provides a convenient signing experience. The platform also offers automation features like reminders for contract renewal dates. You can manage all your contracts and obligations in one secure repository.

Can I sign contracts electronically with Zefort?

Yes, Zefort provides Zefort Sign which allows you to get legally binding and secure electronic signatures.

Can I store all types of contracts in Zefort?

Yes, Zefort allows you to store any type of contract and related files, ensuring a comprehensive contract management system.

Does Zefort support integration with other document management systems?

Yes, Zefort can be integrated with existing document management systems to automate data flow and streamline processes.

Is my data secure with Zefort?

Yes, Zefort ensures bank-level security for your data, meeting strict regulatory requirements and implementing robust security measures.

How can Zefort benefit legal teams?

Zefort helps legal teams efficiently manage contracts, track important dates, and ensure compliance, reducing manual effort and improving productivity.

Zefort's Core Features

  • Sign contracts electronically with Zefort Sign
  • Store contracts and related files
  • Automated reminders for contract renewal dates
  • AI-powered search for easy contract retrieval
  • Integration with document management systems and eSignature services

    Zefort's Use Cases

  • Legal teams can use Zefort to efficiently manage contracts, track important dates, and ensure compliance.
  • Procurement teams can streamline contract processes, easily find contracts, and automate reminders for renewals.
  • HR teams can store employee contracts and manage contract-related obligations such as salary reviews and termination notices.
  • Sales teams can sign contracts electronically and access important contract details on the go.
  • Company administration can maintain an organized repository of all contracts and easily retrieve necessary information.

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