Open Tactiq Tactiq Q&A What is Tactiq? Tactiq is a Chrome extension that provides real-time transcription for meetings on Google […]


Open Fireflies.ai Fireflies.ai Q&A What is Fireflies.ai? Fireflies.ai is an AI-powered notetaking tool that uses generative AI to transcribe, summarize, […]


Open Notta Notta Q&A What is Notta? Notta is a high-accuracy transcription service powered by the latest AI speech recognition […]

Adobe Podcast

Open Adobe Podcast Adobe Podcast Q&A What is Adobe Podcast? Adobe Podcast is a web-based platform that offers AI audio […]


Open ListenRobo ListenRobo Q&A What is ListenRobo? ListenRobo is an AI-powered transcription platform that accurately transcribes, summarizes, and translates media […]


Open VNSplit VNSplit Q&A What is VNSplit? VNSplit is a service that provides powerful and detailed AI summaries of voice […]


Open Listen411 Listen411 Q&A What is Listen411? Podcast Transcription and Summarization How to use Listen411? Transcribe a 1-hour audio file […]


Open SyncWords SyncWords Q&A What is SyncWords? Captions & Translations for Live Media & VOD How to use SyncWords? SyncWords […]


Open exemplary.ai exemplary.ai Q&A What is exemplary.ai? Exemplary is an AI-powered platform that offers accurate transcription and AI-assisted editing and […]


Open Clipto Clipto Q&A What is Clipto? Clipto is the most advanced AI transcription website on the internet. It employs […]


Open SpeedyAudios SpeedyAudios Q&A What is SpeedyAudios? Transcribe all audios you receive on Whatsapp by forwarding them to the SpeedyAudios […]


Open Wilowrid Wilowrid Q&A What is Wilowrid? Video to article in 3 clicks How to use Wilowrid? 1. Sign in […]


Open Dictate4Me Dictate4Me Q&A What is Dictate4Me? Instantly transcribe voice to text on iPhone, iPad and Mac. How to use […]


Open ragobble ragobble Q&A What is ragobble? Transform audio, video, or voice memos into documents effortlessly How to use ragobble? […]


Open Obiklip Obiklip Q&A What is Obiklip? Obiklip simplifies video editing for speech and podcast content. Offering auto-transcription and .srt […]


Open Speechless Speechless Q&A What is Speechless? Speechless is the ultimate app powered by OpenAI's Whisper API, offering seamless audio […]


Open TalkVisions TalkVisions Q&A What is TalkVisions? TalkVisions is a ground-breaking mobile application that eliminates language barriers by offering in-video […]


Open motionbear.io motionbear.io Q&A What is motionbear.io? Motionbear.io is an online platform that offers automatic transcription and subtitles services. With […]

AI Transcribe

Open AI Transcribe AI Transcribe Q&A What is AI Transcribe? AI Transcribe provides offline AI-Powered transcribe services. Transcription feature is […]


Open DenoLyrics DenoLyrics Q&A What is DenoLyrics? DenoLyrics is a web application built with an AI model that supports 143 […]


Open FileWork FileWork Q&A What is FileWork? FileWork is a powerful online platform that allows users to easily upload and […]


Open MAIA MAIA Q&A What is MAIA? MAIA is the ultimate AI sidekick that brings the unfiltered power of AI […]


Open VoicePen VoicePen Q&A What is VoicePen? VoicePen is a website that uses AI technology to convert audio, video, voice […]


Open Sanchay.ai Sanchay.ai Q&A What is Sanchay.ai? Sanchay.AI is an AI-powered tool for content creators that automates video content processing, […]

DaHelp Quest

Open DaHelp Quest DaHelp Quest Q&A What is DaHelp Quest? DaHelp Quest is an innovative learning app that allows users […]


Open PollySpeak PollySpeak Q&A What is PollySpeak? PollySpeak is a text-to-speech that helps you overcome distractions, improve accessibility, and increase […]


Open ExpenSee ExpenSee Q&A What is ExpenSee? ExpenSee is a personal finance assistant and expense tracking app that allows users […]

Whisper Notes

Open Whisper Notes Whisper Notes Q&A What is Whisper Notes? Whisper Notes is an on-device speech-to-text transcription app powered by […]


Open ClassPlusPlus ClassPlusPlus Q&A What is ClassPlusPlus? ClassPlusPlus uses Artificial Intelligence to improve online classes. How to use ClassPlusPlus? To […]


Open Recall.ai Recall.ai Q&A What is Recall.ai? Recall.ai is a universal API that provides access to real-time meeting data from […]


Open askInput askInput Q&A What is askInput? askInput is a website that allows clients to voice their thoughts and receive […]


Open SOAPME.AI SOAPME.AI Q&A What is SOAPME.AI? Automated SOAP note generator from audio conversation How to use SOAPME.AI? Record conversations […]


Open InstaSpeak InstaSpeak Q&A What is InstaSpeak? InstaSpeak is an AI-powered Learning Management System designed to help English classes practice […]

Audio Writer

Open Audio Writer Audio Writer Q&A What is Audio Writer? Transcribe it, refine it and structure it for you How […]


Open Paxo Paxo Q&A What is Paxo? Paxo gives you clear, concise, and actionable meeting notes in minutes. It’s a […]


Open Voicenotes Voicenotes Q&A What is Voicenotes? An intelligent note-taking app for recording thoughts and ideas. How to use Voicenotes? […]


Open mpilo mpilo Q&A What is mpilo? mpilo is a secure AI medical assistant for scribing. How to use mpilo? […]


Open TAWNY TAWNY Q&A What is TAWNY? TAWNY is an emotion analytics platform that analyzes human affective states driving consumer […]


Open Aimbly Aimbly Q&A What is Aimbly? Aimbly is a productivity tool that helps transform meetings from chaos to productivity. […]

Letterly App

Open Letterly App Letterly App Q&A What is Letterly App? Mobile app that converts any speech into clear & well-structured […]


Open Podnotes Podnotes Q&A What is Podnotes? Transcribe, Summarize and Repurpose Podcasts & Videos into high quality social media content, […]

Vocol AI

Open Vocol AI Vocol AI Q&A What is Vocol AI? Vocol AI is a collaborative AI meeting software that utilizes […]


Open Avoma Avoma Q&A What is Avoma? Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant that automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes every […]


Open Castmagic Castmagic Q&A What is Castmagic? Castmagic is an AI-powered platform that helps content creators turn long form audio […]


Open Scribbyo Scribbyo Q&A What is Scribbyo? Scribbyo is an all-in-one AI content generator that uses powerful AI language models […]

Wavel AI

Open Wavel AI Wavel AI Q&A What is Wavel AI? Wavel AI provides text-to-speech voice solutions for videos and localization. […]


Open ScreenApp ScreenApp Q&A What is ScreenApp? ScreenApp is a free online screen recorder that allows users to effortlessly capture […]

Rask AI

Open Rask AI Rask AI Q&A What is Rask AI? Rask AI is a leading AI video localization and dubbing […]


Open Otter.ai Otter.ai Q&A What is Otter.ai? Otter.ai is an AI-powered platform that provides automatic meeting notes with real-time transcription, […]


Open Stenote Stenote Q&A What is Stenote? Stenote is an AI transcribing and summarization tool that listens, transcribes, understands, and […]


Open Wave Wave Q&A What is Wave: AI Note Taker? Wave is an iOS app that transcribes and summarizes recorded […]


Open Aispect Aispect Q&A What is Aispect? New way to visualize events How to use Aispect? Turn on your microphone […]


Open Relevant Relevant Q&A What is Relevant? Relevant is a real-time content suggestion tool for podcast production. It listens to […]


Open Transcriptmate Transcriptmate Q&A What is Transcriptmate? Pay-As-You-Go audio-to-text transcription service How to use Transcriptmate? Fill out the form, make […]

Fluid Voice

Open Fluid Voice Fluid Voice Q&A What is Fluid Voice? Fluid Voice is an AI-powered voice memo app that allows […]


Open Momentary Momentary Q&A What is Momentary? Momentary is a platform that allows users to easily preserve their treasured moments […]


Open Mictoo Mictoo Q&A What is Mictoo? Mictoo is an awesome free audio and video transcribe tool that allows users […]


Open Lingobo Lingobo Q&A What is Lingobo? Lingobo is an AI-powered English training system that focuses on helping professionals and […]

Insight Video IA

Open Insight Video IA Insight Video IA Q&A What is Insight Video IA? Effortlessly repurpose videos into diverse content formats […]


Open Origlio Origlio Q&A What is Origlio? Origlio is an audio message transcribing service and more. How to use Origlio? […]


Open Patee.io Patee.io Q&A What is Patee.io? Patee.io is a high-efficiency AI-powered platform that specializes in converting speech to text. […]


Open AdutorAI AdutorAI Q&A What is AdutorAI? Convert audio to styled text based on your chosen template. How to use […]


Open Echonotes Echonotes Q&A What is Echonotes? Echonotes is a tool that turns your voice into written notes. Speak, and […]


Open PodBravo PodBravo Q&A What is PodBravo? PodBravo is a podcast automation tool for busy hosts. It allows users to […]


Open SenseProfile SenseProfile Q&A What is SenseProfile? SenseProfile is a website that provides a comprehensive profile of individuals, gathering data […]


Open Voxweave Voxweave Q&A What is Voxweave? Your High-quality YouTube Summarizer with Mind Map Support How to use Voxweave? 1. […]


Open Akkadu Akkadu Q&A What is Akkadu? Akkadu is a real-time AI subtitles tool that allows users to easily understand […]


Open VeedoAI VeedoAI Q&A What is VeedoAI? VeedoAI is an AI-powered tool that utilizes deep learning to extract actionable insights […]