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HeadshotGenerator Q&A

What is HeadshotGenerator?

HeadshotGenerator transforms your selfies into professional headshots.

How to use HeadshotGenerator?

Upload a portrait photo, and choose from 40+ clothing and hairstyle options.

What kind of photo do I need to upload in an AI headshot generator?

An AI selfie generator can be used by taking a selfie in neutral lighting with any facial expression you prefer.

Do I own ownership of the photos created by our AI headshot generator?

Yes, headshotgenerator.io provides you with full commercial license, granting you complete ownership of the photos from the AI selfie generator.

What is headshotgenerator.io free trial offer?

Every new AI headshot generator user is offered the chance to create 4 images at no cost, allowing you to experience first-hand our commitment to quality.

Why our AI headshot generator is so fast and how it’s eco-friendly?

Legacy AI headshot generators from last year typically take between 40 minutes to 2 hours to train a model to generate images. However, our AI headshot generator algorithm is designed to draw around your face, which leads to more realistic and lifelike results while being faster and more energy-efficient.

Are my photos from AI headshot generator private?

We place utmost importance on data privacy of users of our AI headshot generator. We use BCRYPT encryption and our databases are hosted in the US to secure the images from our AI headshot generator. At any time and from any location you can delete your AI headshot generator photos. With headshotgenerator.io, your privacy is respected, we commit to not use your photos to create any AI model.

HeadshotGenerator's Core Features

  • AI-powered headshot generation, 40+ clothing and hairstyle options

    HeadshotGenerator's Use Cases

  • Individuals, teams, and photography studios

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