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Lorai Q&A

What is Lorai?

Lorai is a platform that allows users to create branded design assets 10x faster. It enables users to train Low-Rank Adaptations (LoRAs) using their own art style in just minutes, all within the browser. Lorai eliminates the need for compute resources like GPUs and vRAM, making it accessible and hassle-free.

How to use Lorai?

To use Lorai, simply sign up for a free account on their website. Once logged in, you can start training LoRAs by following the easy-to-use interface. No prior technical knowledge or GPU is required. Lorai handles the training process using their cloud compute, saving you time and effort. After training, you can generate art assets based on your LoRAs and download them for use in your designs.

Are my LoRAs private?

Yes, your LoRAs are private and not accessible to other users.

How long does it take to train LoRAs?

Using Lorai, you can train LoRAs in just 10 minutes, significantly reducing training time compared to fine-tuned models.

How much does Lorai cost?

Lorai offers a free version for users to get started. They may also provide pricing plans for additional features and capabilities.

What base model does Lorai use?

The specific base model used by Lorai is not mentioned. However, Lorai utilizes the Dreambooth training process, similar to popular github scripts.

What kinds of assets can I make with Lorai?

Lorai allows you to create a wide range of design assets, including but not limited to images, illustrations, and graphics.

Lorai's Core Features

  • Fast training of Low-Rank Adaptations (LoRAs)
  • No GPU or vRAM required
  • Browser-based training process
  • Same quality as manually made LoRAs
  • Cloud compute for hassle-free training

    Lorai's Use Cases

  • Branded design asset creation
  • Generating art assets with custom styles
  • Improving design workflows
  • Time-efficient creation of design elements

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